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No Gas? No Problem!

SAVE MONEY: If you live in an area without mains gas supply you may be paying well over the top for conventional old-fashioned electric, oil or locally stored gas heating and hot water which is hard to control. With a new Rointe smart system installed you needn't be paying to heat your home unnecessarily meaning great savings for you.



Rointe radiators need no special gas or water pipes or plumbing so your heating benefits include: 

No risk of water, gas, or smelly oil leaks

No routine service visits or charges

Great dependability. Rointe radiator bodies are guaranteed for up to 20 years. Far fewer moving parts than a conventional central heating system means far greater reliability.

Super efficient slim stylish radiators Keep your rooms at your ideal temperature for the time of day. No need to pay to keep bedrooms as warm during the day as at night! Intelligent radiators  can  turn down the heat when your property is unoccupied.

Comfort maintained. Temperature is typically held within ±¼ degree Centigrade which is far more accurate than most thermostats and each room or area can easily be set to a different accurate temperature..K

Change settings from almost anywhere with D series radiators, towel rails and water heaters. An app on your smartphone lets you re-program set times and temperatures for zones in your home or even individual appliances with D series products. The system can even sense when you are nearing home and warm up ready for you to arrive.

☑ Low installation costs. Depending on your system upgrading from a conventional heating system to a smart Rointe system can cost less than having your boiler replaced.

☑ Low running costs. The modern smart technology in the Rointe system means more efficient use of electricity lowering running costs compared to old-fashioned conventional systems.

EXAMPLE - Someone with a typical 3 bedroom house with electric storage radiators and convector heating could typically save over 1/3rd of their heating costs. Upgrading to a modern Rointe  heating system could pay for itself in under 5 years and carry on making further savings for years afterwards THAT'S SMART!

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“Excellent installation, very prompt service, good explanation of using system”

G Arseneault - Sydney Walter Centre, Worthing

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